To Our Valued Customers,

We hope this finds you safe and healthy. Throughout the past few months, we have adapted our COVID-19 response in countless ways while continuing to effectively work and serve our customers. We organized our activities to protect the health of our associates and customers. We adapted to the local and  or statewide orders while keeping our business running. We continue making local adaptions to resume more standard work modes while sticking with our principles of keeping our associates and our customers safe. With that being said, we have made the following adaptions for our schools.

1.  Orders will no longer be dropped off at the schools or brought to your child’s classroom.

2.       You will have the following 2 options:

a.  Option 1 – you can have your items shipped direct to your home for a USPS flat rate of $9.00

b.  Option 2 – once a week on Friday afternoon the school will pickup all the orders for that week.  They will distribute them to the students the following Monday.

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We appreciate your understanding and support as we are all in this together and working to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Thank you for visiting Poinciana STEM Elementary School store.
All items are custom made, so please allow up to seven days for delivery.
All orders will be dropped off in child's classroom unless otherwise stated on your order.

If you already have an account set up, please remember to use that log in information.

NOTE: All sales are final. No returns or exchanges.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact KPA Promotions & Awards at 561-209-9822.

Thank you for shopping at the Poinciana STEM Elementary School Store.

All proceeds for the sale of items go to benefit Poinciana STEM Elementary School.